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Roberto Bates


Roberto Bates finds meaning in a song not only through a catchy beat but also a compelling melody. Influenced by the melodic rock of the 80s, his debut solo piece, "Minnesota Lakes," marked the beginning of his musical journey. Achieving remarkable success, "Killer" secured the #1 spot in the Swiss Dance Charts for six weeks in 2019 and reached #6 in the English Commercial Pop Charts, maintaining its presence on the airwaves.

Roberto Bates earned three nominations, including EDM, at the German Songwriting Awards 2020. Notably, he clinched the award for the composition category from the German Pop Foundation three consecutive times.

His latest rendition of "Killer" (KILLER 2K23), a collaboration with Austrian vocal coach Malberg, secured the #2 position on the Swiss Dance Charts, demonstrating his enduring impact on the music scene.


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Cover Alone (by Roberto Bates)


Roberto Bates

Cover Bridge Over Troubled Water (by Roberto Bates)

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Roberto Bates

Cover Killer (2K23) (by Roberto Bates)

Killer (2K23)

Roberto Bates

Cover Minnesota Lakes (Club Mix) (by Roberto Bates)

Minnesota Lakes (Club Mix)

Roberto Bates

Cover Wake Up (by Roberto Bates)

Wake Up

Roberto Bates

Cover Don't Walk Away (Bodybangers Remix) (by Roberto Bates)

Don't Walk Away (Bodybangers Remix)

Roberto Bates

Cover Minnesota Lakes (by Roberto Bates)

Minnesota Lakes

Roberto Bates

Cover Minnesota Lakes (Indian Summer) (by Roberto Bates)

Minnesota Lakes (Indian Summer)

Roberto Bates

Cover A Simple Choice (by Roberto Bates)

A Simple Choice

Roberto Bates




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35394 Giessen - Germany


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